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Aurora Cannabis Is Going Public on the New York Stock Exchange

Aurora Cannabis is a stock that I have been waiting to hit the NYSE for quite some time. I’ll be monitoring the stock price for the next couple of days and try to get the best price I can. I’m not expecting it to drop a lot, but anything between and $8 and $9 is good for me. Cannabis stocks are hot right now.

As a reminder, please research any stock suggestions. My suggestions do not guarantee that will make a profit. For more help on stick investing, I suggest that you check out the following websites:, & Yahoo Finance.

Aurora Cannabis, one of the largest Canadian marijuana producers, is going public on the New York Stock Exchange. It’s joining a select list of cannabis producers, including Tilray and Cronos, that are able to list on US-based exchanges.

Source: One of the largest cannabis companies is going public on the New York Stock Exchange

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China Pharma Holdings (CPHI), A 134% Return…So Far!


China Pharma Holding (CPHI) –¬†Top 3 Healthcare Penny Stocks for 2018

I purchased this stock in July and the price was at $.25 a share. There hadn’t been much movement on the stock until this weak. So far the stock I’ve gotten a 134% return. A great pick up so far. Analyst predict that the stock will get up to $3 within the next year.

Penny Stocks are high-risk investments so be sure to do your research before investing.

For first time investors, I recommend using the Robinhood app. Robinhood lets you invest in the stock market for free, directly from your phone or desktop.

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