HMNY is Worth A Honey Bun

HMNY is Worth A Honey Bun

So Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. (HMNY) is the company that owns Movie Pass. The stock isn’t doing so well since they have run out of money. The reason is that the Movie Pass is $9.99 a month for their unlimited plan. Having 2+ million subscribers can get pretty expensive. Movie Pass pays the difference for the movies you see that month. Let’s say you see two movies a month at the average rate of $9 per ticket. So that’s $18 for two movie tickets. The $9.99 you pay for your movie pass subscription pays for the first ticket, then Movie Pass covers the cost for the second ticket. See where this is going? Now you understand why they run out of money so quickly. Because of this, their stock isn’t doing too well since they aren’t making a profit. It’s sitting at $.18 right now.

I’m going to take a gamble on this one since it is so cheap. 10 shares would cost you $1.80. Its 52-Week high was at $33. If it were to ever get back to $33, that’s $328.20 you made from a $1.80 gamble. If the stock completely tanks, you are $2. Oh well! Looks like you won’t be getting that honey bun from your job’s vending machine.

Many analysts are saying don’t buy it.

I’m saying, take that gamble. All you are losing is a honey bun!

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