Does Your Small Business Need a Website? Maybe.

Does Your Small Business Need a Website? Maybe.

A concern of a lot of business owners is deciding whether or not they need a website for their business. The answer I always give is, “Maybe.”

The need for a website comes down to whether or not you believe it will be beneficial for your business. Some businesses have websites just to have some type of visibility on the Web. For large companies, branding is very important so it makes sense for them to have a website. However, for a small business, it comes down to NEED.

Ask yourself these questions when deciding if you need a website:

  1. How much will it cost to maintain the site myself or do I need to hire someone to maintain it?
  2. Will the website increase sales or attract new clients?

You can also write down the pros and cons of having a website. If the end result doesn’t business growth, then a website would probably not be the thing to do, right now.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s just say, you go to visit a local clothing store on a weekday afternoon expecting it to be empty, however, to your surprise there are quite a few people inside. After browsing for a bit, you become curious and ask the associate behind the counter, who also happens to be the owner, if the store has a website. The owner begins to explain to you that although the store does not have a website, business has been growing at a steady pace. Advertising in the local paper, building partnerships with local community and a strong social media presence are the things that have driven the growth of the store. At the moment, the need for a website is not necessary, however, the owner does say that eventually, when the business expands into multiple locations and needs to broaden its reach, then a website would probably be needed, but they will see what direction the business goes before they decide.

The owner in the example mentions that other ways of spreading awareness of their business – advertising, partnerships and social media. Those are the tools and methods that worked for the owner. What you need to do for business is evaluate the things that work and do not work for your business and build an action plan.

Also, keep in mind, having a website does not guarantee success for your business. There’s no point in having a website and not know what its purpose is. That could be detrimental to your business’s success.

So does your business need a website? Maybe. It’s all up to you and your businesses needs.


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