Earn Extra Money Doing Surveys With The dScout App

Earn Extra Money Doing Surveys With The dScout App

Since 2016, I have been using the app called dScout to earn extra money. dScout is a qualitative research company that “helps companies better understand the experiences people have with their products and brands in everyday life.”

By way of the dScout app, users or ‘scouts’ are sent missions. These missions, if the scout qualifies, require the scout to upload photos and videos of their experiences depending on the subject of the mission. For example, I recently completed a 6-day mission called ‘How You Share’ that required me to complete a series of daily tasks where I was required to post to social media each day, sometimes 2-3 times a day, and then record a 60-minute video explaining why I posted that particular, photo, video, or text status to social media. I was also asked follow-up questions about what I expected my follower’s reactions to be, who my intended audience was, and what social media platforms I posted to. If I completed all the daily tasks in the time allotted, at the end of the mission I’d get my reward of $120. The money was deposited into my PayPal account on the day after the last task was completed. Easy money!

I’m pretty impressed with the app and am looking forward to completing more missions.

The dScout app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can sign up on at the dScout website and it does require you to install the dScout on your Android or iOS device.


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